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Bhaskar - Achyuth's Father

Achyuth has represented u-16 ZCA and was the man of the series for Junior CSK tournament

It was on February 15th 2015 that Aravind first saw Achyuth, he was very raw with an action which was all over the place. For some reason he took a liking towards Achyuth and it has been a wonderful story from there on.

Achyuth today has a wonderful rhythmic action with excellent hand and leg positions due to the patient and persistent coaching method adopted by his coach Aravind. Apart from working on his bowling skills from the age of 12 Aravind introduced him to excellent fitness and strengthening regime. Combination of skills and fitness emphasis for more than 5 years has worked wonders and helped Achyuth do well for his school, club and eventually earn a place in state U 16 team twice.

Another key aspect of Achyuth’s development has been the discipline in his day to day schedule, Aravind played big role in keeping him focussed by giving him drills and other schedules which kept him away from the usual distractions like extensive use of electronic gadgets. Today they enjoy a great bonding so much so Achyuth feels comfortable sharing all his ups and down with his coach Aravind before anyone else.

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Rajaram - Ramya's Father

Ramya is 20 years old and has represented the Tamilnadu State senior women's team

Sports coaching is not just about imparting skills. It is about a holistic improvement of the overall personality!

This is the very essence of the approach adopted by Pace and Swing Academy. What I found most refreshing was this holistic way of approaching the sport.

What sets this Academy apart is the clear understanding of the need to address the physical and mental aspects of the coaching. Aravind has synthesised and attained a perfect balance.

There are clearly identified Attitude and Mental strength attributes that he benchmarks and tracks in a systematic manner. The deployment of specific techniques and imparting of mental skills is adequately taken care of. One of the best things is the way he gets the students to actually take ownership and work on it in a systematic way. The frequent interactions and dialogues with parents in ensuring that the extension of what happens at the nets is also carried forward into life style is another distinguishing feature.

Then comes the right use of techniques and technology to address the technical aspects of bowling, the body mechanics, building of muscle memory, fitness, diet etc are all addressed with the right amount of technology usage. Here too, each person's unique abilities and attributes are sought to be leveraged and enhanced and there is no one size fits all approach.

Then comes the aspect of imparting the right set of values, which is focused on getting the best of out of the individual, preparing them for the uncertainties, the highs and lows of the game and the challenges that come along the way. The insistence of observing a code of conduct that starts at home and continues through nets and beyond is done with an aim of providing focus, resilience, moral compass and discipline - the bedrock on which a successful career can be built in sports.

My daughter, Ramya, has transformed into a more confident person not only on the cricket field, but generally in her approach to life. Her technique, strength, fitness, skill levels have all gone through a marked improvement - translating into getting into the state team!

More importantly, her mental approach to the game, in terms of her decision making, leadership, accepting high and low in performance with equanimity has made her into a professional sportsperson. She has now the clarity of thought and is very purposeful in her approach to the game with complete dedication.

She has not only learnt how to enjoy playing the game, but life too and has evolved into a good professional cricketer. This has also enabled her to focus on her academics much better!

I would highly recommend the Pace and Swing Academy as a place for creating good sportspersons, who have a passion for excellence and the discipline to go after it. They will also be very fine leaders and human beings in the process!

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Vinod - Shavin's Father

Shavin is 13 years old  budding allrounder

If you're an aspiring fast bowler with mediocre/good fitness levels but with serious commitment towards the game, Pace and Swing academy is the place for you to be. Truth be told, fast bowlers cannot be produced overnight and it  requires a decade long consistent efforts to master the art. Mr.Aravind is someone who has gone through the grind himself and has mastered the skills and techniques and is now on a spree to produce quality young fast bowlers from down south. Mr.Aravind is a serious believer of processes. His coaching techniques are simple yet very effective as he stresses on the importance of strengthening the fundamentals and injury free bowling techniques. His coaching during the net sessions are punctuated with some effective drills required to be done at home to build the muscle memory. Mr.Aravind took my son Shavin under his wings a couple of years ago and I must say I'm seeing a steady important not just with Shavin's learnings of the game but also his discipline and attitude towards the game. His bowling is more accurate  and precise, his pace has improved along with swing variations. A big thanks to Aravind sire for being a true well wisher and for continuing to hone Shavin's cricketing skills.

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Dr. Suresh - Kapil's Father

Kapil is 13 years old budding allrounder

My son is a natural Athelete, he had developed interest in cricket by watching IPL. I found him bowling with a tennis ball quite fast for his age then 9yrs in my neighbourhood. So I had enrolled him in his school for cricket.
I was searching for a personal coaching for his bowling  to train him professionally and I found Aravind sir. He is training with Mr. Aravind for the last two years. Sir’s approach to my son and to every kid would be therapeutic and holistic, I had hardly observed him to raise his voice with my son. He imbibed certain values in him like respecting parents, follow certain routines, few health practices so on and so forth. Sir always had a plan to teach in a session and allowed my son to master it in his own pace. My son would be very comfortable and enjoy with him during the training. Sir will be very particular with the compliance of the home plan, which my son got adhered to it easily. My son’s performance in the matches has started to show up. But, there were very many things would not go your way and that’s where sir would be easily approachable to talk to my son and to us, to sort out the mistakes and give him solutions. I’m  very fortunate that I found sir for fast bowling in our place who is very sensitive and wonderful to coach my son.

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Ananth - Atin's Father

Atin is 16 year old budding fast bowler

We could see very big improvement with Atin after he joined with you, these processes are pretty good for kids above 15. Discipline well they were always but now they are more disciplined I can say especially eating habits and respect to elders. With your style you are getting them more involved in the process which is very good and your goal to get them fit into a right action to avoid injuries is something which is unique and which I also feel missing with other coaches. Pace and swing academy is in right hands and is on a right direction to unearth fast bowling talents in TN

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Murali - Manas's Father

Manas is 11 years old

My son, who is currently 11, joined Arvind’s “Pace and Swing Academy” exactly a year ago. Aravind’s excellent knowledge on fast bowling and his unique ability to be firm & treat the kids in a dignified manner at the same time, makes him an excellent coach. All the kids have a tremendous and unwavering respect for him.
In past one year, the biggest change I have seen in my child is that he has very good repeatable action, he is more aware of the match situations and more importantly loves to bowl.

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Rajeshwari - Abhay's Mother

Abhay is an 18 year old allrounder

As a coach and mentor for my son, Aravind Sir, over the past two years, has helped him advance significantly in his bowling technique. His insistence on regular net practise and drills , fitness , good food and sleeping habits , setting small goals and achieving them - have all helped in achieving this milestone. Mr. Aravind has a good rapport with his students . He also goes the extra mile to regularly be in touch with the parents to give and get feedback about the students. This helps in the overall progress of the student. Mr Aravind’s approach has helped my son in understanding the importance of hard work and consistency in practise.

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Ashwath Mukundan

I've represented Tamilnadu for the last 12 years across various age groups (13,15,19,23,25,Buchi Babu, TNPL). But it's funny to say, I've never had a personal coach to go back to at the end of the day until I was 23.
Two years back, I started working with Aravind Sir, who I knew from a young age through a local camp. When I decided to work 1 on 1 with him, to be very honest, I was skeptical and had a lot of doubts! One main reason I came to sir, was to improve my speed. This is one main thing I told him before we started working.
But few sessions later, my total perspective changed and the fear wasn't present anymore. We were straight at it, started correcting minor things in my action. I always knew my action has a lot of flaws, but still I had managed it somehow to scrape through all these years with minor injuries and getting wickets. But I felt it was high time I needed to work on my action. One great thing here is, Aravind Sir has scientific explanations for every thing he teaches, which most coaches lack. One more thing with sir is, the way he stresses upon the homework and discipline we need to follow while we work with him. It's also funny to say that after all these years, only now am I really confident that I'm a pure inswing bowler, and I'm proud of it. I'm saying this because, we live in a world where people portray out swing to be the king and inswing little lesser.
He keeps upgrading, uses video proofs to convince some ideologies, and most importantly, is player friendly. He's always up for a good conversation/debate about cricket or technique.
I realised I've been under the right person when I got my first ever 5 wicket haul in first division. Remember, I got it in my 7th year in first division. So I knew I have been going in the right direction. I know I still have lots to work on, both at skill and at mind, but with sir's guidance I'm sure the things we have in mind is achievable.
It's been a great journey with sir till now, and I'm looking forward to more sessions.

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Vignesh Rao

Having practised cricket under many academies and coaches over the last decade, i have tried different things to my bowling as per their tips. But none of them had the clarity in explaining "why the rectification is required". Aravind sir gives us clear explanation on why it's required and most importantly "How to rectify it" which in my personal opinion was not able to find in most of the academies. Aravind sir work's based on the bowlers natural action and the tuning needed to be done to his bowling rather than having "one method and implementing it on bowlers with different kinds of action". He suggests drills for every bowler according to their bowling actions and follows up if the bowler has done the drills. I have seen improvement not only in my techniques but also in the mental aspects of the game. A chat after every game is a must, where he gives valuable informations. He makes us think as in what can be done in that particular match situation making sure we constantly think and improve our game knowledge. I have improved my game from being an economical bowler to a wicket taker. After joining Pace and Swing Academy my bowling action has been made simpler but more effective just in 5 months of training.

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